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Eco Literacy


We are thrilled to be bringing a Friday Eco-Literacy program to the Tahoe Community. This years long program explores topics as they unfold in the yearly rhythm of natural cycles. The Eco-Literacy program provides experiences in nature that emphasize free play, exploration and the discovery of wonder and curiosity. Children will develop a first-hand personal relationship with the natural world through observation of phenomena as the center of the learning process.


The program is designed to complement the age-appropriate Waldorf expedition subject matter. Through curated adventures, children in grades K-8th will experience and study the concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards. The integration of outdoor education principles, team building, primitive skills and practical wilderness knowledge helps develop empathy, communication and strengthen the child’s understanding of themselves both affectively and physically. Students in grades 6-8 will develop the capacity to turn this connection into action through participation in local campaigns, non-profit work and self-driven field projects. This approach cultivates environmental stewards deepening the ability to ignite change in the future.

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