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Our Story

Our Mission

"To awaken each student’s capacity for love of learning, for independent thinking, and for heartfelt service to the world." - World Waldorf Mission Statement


Our mission is to honor the wonder of childhood with a program that educates the whole child by igniting imagination (WILDER), opening hearts (WIDER), and developing independent and ethical thinkers (WONDER-FILLED). We foster these ideals each day, throughout our program. 

Wild River answers community-driven need to provide Waldorf education to children aged 4 - 14 years of age. Founded in 2014 by group of dedicated parents, educators, and Tahoe-Truckee community members to serve local families - community is the heart of Wild River.


As a Waldorf guided program, we honor the child’s natural phases of learning with the goal to help children find their own spark of individuality, and develop a life-long commitment to learning, and community involvement. 

Wider Wilder

Wider opportunities

Our program is designed to foster innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. We like to call this “free range thinking” in the sense that we foster imagination as a starting point, inspiration to deepen the exploration, and intuition to guide us to new solutions to confounding situations. 

wilder experiences

We believe education is wider than the classroom, and hence our program expands into the wild lands that surround us. From the soul healing power of nature to the endless learning opportunities the wild presents, we believe that we are not about the earth, but we are of the earth. Hands-on learning will take your children into the garden, down a mountain trail, into the barn, onto the farm, and under the pines.

wonder-filled Days

We believe children are the future and we strive to empower them to create meaning, purpose and direction in their own lives. Our program guides children to find self- confidence, faith in others, and beauty in the world. These three: confidence, faith, beauty are born of wonder. A person who is taught in a way that they can make meaning and incorporate purpose, is one that can imagine a better future.

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