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Wild River Programs

Wild River offers programming for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School.


Our Early Childhood program offers opportunities for children to experience wonder, reverence, and joy with their day being grounded in exploration, play, and the building of social connections with teachers and friends. 


Our Elementary School curriculum lays the foundation for academic success. It is rich in story, music, art, movement, math, science, and history—designed to develop creative thinkers with a passion for inquiry and a strong sense of self. 


Middle School students are learning to be independent thinkers, take on life challenges and responsibilities and take accountability in their daily lives. We embrace the changes that take place in the

years of middle school and seek to give them the environment they need to create their own path.


Our programs are organized and delivered in a Waldorf-inspired curriculum. Our Grades and Middle School program focuses on Language Arts, Math, Science, Eco-Literacy and History. Enrichment opportunities are weaved into the curriculum to provide hands-on instruction in a variety of specialty topics such as music, handwork, Spanish, technology and much more.


We invite you to take a few moments to view this video below to get a feel for the magic of Wild River programs!

"The need for an effective, truly human education

has never been greater than it is today."

- The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America

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