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Waldorf Through the Grades

Waldorf Journey Through the Grades

Come learn about Waldorf Education in Truckee

Next date TBD, Stay Tuned! - 12315 Deerfield Drive in Truckee


Are you Waldorf curious? Come witness the creation of a child’s own learning story, through the work of their own hands!  Our Walk Through the Grades is an annual retrospective of each grade level of a Waldorf program, represented by a display of the work prepared and created by the children in their main lessons throughout the year.

Come peruse the pages of the children’s beautiful main lesson books, meet and greet with our magical Waldorf grades teachers, and learn about what goes on with each grade though each amazing learning block, and how each exersize contributes to a child’s development. 


Join us for this annual community celebration honoring the hard work of the children and their teachers!

    •    Discover the power of learning blocks!

    •    See how handwork and art can teach you history!

    •    Find out how music enhances your math skills!

This is the time to look “under the cover” of the Waldorf book, and see where and how the magic happens…


Childcare and refreshments joyfully provided!

Come and see first-hand the richness and depth of Wild Rivers curriculum, where experiential learning builds capable and engaged students. Visit our lively and unique classrooms, K-8, and see students work first hand.

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