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Waldorf Education in Truckee-Tahoe

Welcome to our site! We are Wild River, Truckee Tahoe’s most unique community-anchored enrichment and exploration offering. We strive to model independent thinking, creativity, and problem solving that
will serve as a firm foundation for creating a healthy social and natural world. 

Our enrichment center strives to create opportunities that are

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Join us

for a Kinder




March 16, 2023


March 23, 2023

Help us

build our 

new home

Please consider

making a difference 

and donating today

to help us move

forward with our

plans to build

our forever home. 

We are a Pod based learning community serving homeschooling families as well as those seeking Waldorf educational opportunities. We provide an innovative and inclusive alternative to traditional educational options. Our heart is in educating the whole child, by providing wider opportunities, wilder experiences, and wonder-filled days. Wild River roots are deep in the tried and true Waldorf pedagogy, where we honor the child’s natural phases of learning, encourage deep relationship building with peers and teachers, ignite and inspire imaginations, and strive to develop independent and ethical thinkers. 


We invite you to join us and learn more about our innovative approach to learning.

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As we continue to develop our beautiful 40 acres and build our forever home at Haskatasun, we have a secondary location at 12315 Deerfield Road in Truckee.

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