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The eight year old child continues to reside in a largely self-created psychological landscape and are exploring the world around them. It’s a period of magical discovery as they develop alertness and observation skills. With this heightened awareness, students begin to experience the positive and negative aspects of personalities – both their own and those of others. The events and experiences of the outside world are filtered through the child’s imagination and rearranged to accord with the child’s homogenous world-picture. The curriculum content for this age serves to cultivate a sense of breadth and richness of language, differences, and emotions. 

Here are just some of the activities that make up the daily rhythm of our Chickeree Pod:​

  • Spelling

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Introduction to the elements of grammar

  • Arithmetic: all four processes

  • Legends of Saints and Culture changers,

  • Multicultural folklore, animal fables (retold and dramatized, leading to composition in the own child’s words)

  • Grammar

  • Form Drawing: running forms

  • Nature Study: through Aesop's fables, and Native American stories

  • Singing

  • Recorder

  • Handwork: Knitting and Crochet

  • Painting and Modeling

  • Foreign Language

This year, children continue to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of arithmetic and literacy, further developing a repertoire of skills that were initially introduced in grade one. Cognitively, the child continues to be at home in an environment where content is presented in a richly pictorial way. Concepts are best understood when they are mobile and organic in quality.

Various curriculum components adopted from:,,,, and

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