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Speciality Classes

Arts, music and movement are an integral part to Waldorf Education. Our afternoon specialty offerings provide these essential elements and more. Each class enhances the themes of our main lessons, but can also be taken as stand-alone homeschool enrichment classes.

Specialty Classes








Our students start their music education with singing in Kindergarten, which continues through the grades and develops into singing in rounds and eventually singing in multi-part harmony. Our younger grades start learning instruments with pentatonic flute and then move to recorder. The older grades learn ukulele and participate in group performances. The study of music enhances coordination, concentration, and memory.

The arts are a significant piece of our curriculum through-out. Students create their own main-lesson books using drawing, art work and writing skills. Our specialty classes focus on water-color painting and modeling with clay that both enhance sensory motor skills and artistic talent.

Our handwork classes teach students to sew, knit, cross stitch, and crochet. They are a calm moment in the day when rhymes and songs can be learned while staying busy with our hands. Older students textile work becomes more advanced, allowing students to develop creativity and fine-tune their skills.







Learning a second language is important to multi-cultural understanding. Spanish is introduced in Kindergarten through songs, play and cultural holidays and becomes more academic into the older grades. Our Spanish program focuses on fun language learning but also on understanding and experiencing a different culture.

Woodworking is a practical and confidence enhancing skill. We start working on simple assisted projects in Kindergarten and then learning independent skills like hammering, sawing, drilling and sanding. In the older grades we bring in mathematical concepts of measurement and design.

Physical health is important in our programs. Times of movement and activity, balance time spent in the classroom. Cooperative games, rhythm and activities that enhance coordination make up our movement curriculum.

Please check back soon to see our 2023-2024 afternoon clubs.


We are always looking to partner with individuals and other non profits to offer opportunities that support the Waldorf philosophy and enrich the lives of those who live in the greater Tahoe Truckee Area.

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