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Science Class

Mountain Lions

Year One  COMPLETED '21 - '22


The curriculum of the this pod offers support and nourishment for the adolescent child experiencing their twelve-year-change by offering students examples of order created from chaos, and harmony from disharmony. Observation is emphasized as a balance to the natural pull of asserting one’s own judgment and opinion. They are embarking on the self-consciousness of puberty, which comes with an onset of new thinking and a connection between their inner experiences and dialogue with the outer world.

Here is some of the content that make up the daily rhythm of our Mountain Lion Pod:​

  • Advanced Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Reading

  • Expository, Descriptive, and Narrative writing

  • Poems

  • Recitation

  • Composition: Business Letters

  • Independent projects and reports

  • Keyboarding

  • Business Math

  • Percentages, decimals, fractions and graphing

  • Pre-Alegebra

  • Geometrical Drawings

  • Physics (Optics, Acoustics, Heat, Magnetism)

  • Geology

  • Astronomy

  • Ancient Rome

  • Medieval Europe and the Crusades

  • Islam

  • Medieval games

  • Agriculture and Gardening

  • World Geography (flags of the world)

  • Cyber Civics

  • Health

  • Drama

  • Singing: Two- and three-part choral singing

  • Orchestra

  • Handwork: Woodworking & Knitting

  • Charcoal drawing

  • Perspective drawing​

  • Foreign Language

  • Class Play

As new capacities for thinking emerge, the children can be led to understand causal relationships at work in the world. The students can be challenged and are capable of high standards in their school

Year Two  '22 - '23


Through the exploration of an unknown world, this curriculum challenges the thought processes of the young adolescent, leading them to discovery, understanding and discernment. Externally, the body is usually in the throes of puberty while, internally, the new force of intellect is born. The child loses whatever balance and tranquility they have acquired in the heart of childhood. An appetite for knowledge of, and about, world phenomena, mingles with an emerging capacity for reflection and the first promptings of self reflection.

Here is some of the content that make up the daily rhythm of our Mountain Lion Pod:​

  • Literature

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Creative writing (wish, wonder, surprise)

  • Poetry

  • Biographies (1400 to 1700)

  • Independent projects and reports

  • Composition: Business Letters

  • Human Physiology

  • Algebra

  • Geometric theorems

  • History: Late Middle Ages & Renaissance

  • Age of Exploration

  • Geography of Canada, Central and South America

  • African Geography

  • Physics (Simple machines)

  • Inorganic Chemistry

  • Cyber Civics

  • Health

  • Drama

  • Singing

  • Orchestra

  • Handwork: Woodworking, Carving, Embroidery, Knitting, Clay Modeling

  • Perspective Drawing

  • Foreign Language

  • Shakespeare Class Play

Curriculum pivots around tools for self-expression and discovery as the child uses their power of judgement while also recognizing the responsibility for self, and the respect for others. As these students enter puberty they are on their way to selfhood. A spirit of inquiry and creativity needs to be fostered to allow for a sweet entry into adulthood.

Various curriculum components adopted from:,,,, and

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