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A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

Grey Wolves

This age marks the pivotal point between childhood and puberty and the child is more able to understand questions and phenomena in a realistic and reasoning manner. A sense for time has developed: memory allows for looking back, and planning for the future. Deepening feelings acquiesce for the emergence of conscience and responsibility. Intellectually and morally, the child is ready for new challenges. 

Here are just some of the activities that make up the daily rhythm of our Grey Wolf Pod:​

  • English: reading, writing, and grammar

  • Compositions

  • Book reports

  • Ancient Cultures/Mythology of India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece

  • American Geography - Biomes & Mapmaking

  • Local History & Geography

  • Zoology - Human & Animal​

  • Agriculture and Gardening

  • Geometry

  • Mathematics: Fractions, Decimals, Times Tables

  • Modeling Greek vases and columns in clay

  • Pentathlon

  • Cyber Civics

  • Health

  • Drama

  • Form drawing: braided figures

  • Singing: three-parts

  • Introduction to violin

  • Handwork: Woodworking & Knitting

  • Painting

  • Foreign Language

  • Class Play

This age of student has crossed over into harmonious balance where they can begin to flourish. This is the time to establish foundations for their future. Students’ faculty of comprehension is growing along with their capacities for understanding abstract concepts.

Various curriculum components adopted from:,,,, and

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