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School Garden

Grade 3

2024 - 2025

Incoming 8.5 - 9.5 year old


Noticeable physiological, psychological and cognitive changes take place in the child this year. The nine year threshold represents a very significant step in self-awareness. Children realize they are separate from their surroundings and meet the world as individuals, often resulting in increased questions, self-doubt and wonder. At this time it is important for the child to learn self sufficiency as they develop a sense of individuality and separateness from others.

Here are just some of the activities that make up the daily rhythm of our Chickaree Pod:​

  • Spelling, reading, grammar (noun, verb and adjective)

  • Writing: introduction to composition & cursive handwriting

  • Mathematics of Practical Life:  

Multiplication and division,
Time, Temperature, Weight & Volume, 
linear measurement (integrated into Housebuilding),
Trade Goods & The Development of Currency

  • Social and Environmental Studies:  

Farming & Gardening


Fibers & Clothing​​​​

  • Cultural Studies: Hebrew stories and introduction to history

  • Drama

  • Form drawing

  • Singing: singing in rounds

  • Recorder

  • Handwork: Knitting, Spinning and Weaving

  • Painting

  • Foreign Language

  • Class Play

The third year curriculum is designed to empower the child with life skills and practical activities. They are discovering personal boundaries through play and new experiences. And with this mental growth, they are increasing in physical strength and rapidly growing. They are engaging with their surroundings and cultivating a new interest in the practical, material world.

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