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Understanding Waldorf

“a home for your imagination to run free under the sun.”

Wild River will convene at the 40-acre campus at Haskatasun on Union Mills Road in Truckee. Hands-on learning takes students into the garden, down a mountain trail, into the barn (planning phase), and under the pines.

At Haskatasun we cultivate purpose, meaning and direction through our Waldorf-inspired learning center  and our Wild Spaces afternoon and summer programming. It is also the backdrop for our community events and festivals. Our vision is to renew this land and allow the community to breathe in the rhythm of its wisdom.


Many of you have expressed interest in continuing to share the love for building a fund for our infrastructure, capital projects, and program growth. This is the Haskatasun Fund, the place where it all happens. We will be sharing pieces of this campaign over time to make sure we hit our benchmarks for all the upgrades and developments we consistently work towards. Let’s lean in and make it happen! Click the "CONTRIBUTE" button below to support our growth. 

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